About Us

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About Us

Rabia book house is a very famous and trustworthy name in the book market all over Pakistan. Mr.Saeed A. Sheikh established it in 1963 and worked with his full devotion to provide quality books on affordable prices to the Pakistani nation.

In the very beginning, Rabia book house published the books to develop and enhance the literary taste of the readers. Thereafter, we started to publish books covering every field such as novel, poetry, psychiatry, cooking, make-up, and general knowledge, etc. Lately, we have taken a giant step and launched a wide range of dictionaries. These were very much appreciated by the readers not only in Pakistan but abroad also.

As we are striving for the brighter Pakistan and educated nation, educational books for primary classes level were also launched by us in the near past.

You can rely on Rabia book house to be always the trusted name in publishing, Printing and Dealing quality books

Our values


Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction has always been our first priority. We consider every little customer point of view while creating a product for our customers.


Quality Experience

We’re always working to provide the best quality experience all over Pakistan. So that every person can know of our brand because of our quality.



Besides working on the quality of our products, we’re working on every age group requirements with a versatile experience.


Working for Generations

Young generation has always been a major sector of a nation. That’s why we’re also working on getting our generations familiar with our traditional values.


Learners’ Essentials

Being an all-time versatile service provider, we’ve also worked on creating Learners’ material and looking forward to work more.


Reasonable Prices

Among all our quality values, an exceotional quality we have is the reasonable prices of all the products.

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What’s next for us!

We are looking forward to provide our country the best Online Book service and provide a quality experience to all our customers so that the trend of reading books can flourish. As reading book is not much a thing for our generation nowadays, so our aim to generate the interest of reading books in our generation.